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Đông Triều consists of 2 towns (Đông Triều, Mạo Khê) and 19 communes (Bình Dương, Nguyễn Huệ, Thuỷ An, Việt Dân, An Sinh, Tân Việt, Hồng Phong, Đức Chính, Tràng An, Hưng Đạo, Xuân Sơn, Kim Sơn, Yên Thọ, Bình Khê, Tràng Lương, Hoàng Quế, Hồng Thái Đông, Yên Đức and Hồng Thái Tây).

90 km away from Hanoi, Đông Triều was the eastern gate of Quảng Ninh province. It borders Bắc Giang province to the north, Hải Phòng city to the south, Hải Dương province to the west and Uông Bí town to the east.

The Kinh account for 98% of the province's population; the remaining population is from the Hoa, Tày, Sán Dìu, Dao ethnic groups.
There are many national historical sites and beauty spots in this town such as The temple and loyal tombs of Trần dynasty, Quỳnh Lâm pagoda, Bắc Mã pagoda, Hồ Thiên pagoda, the temple of An Sinh Vương Trần Liễu, etc. where attract many tourists.

Industry, forestry and agriculture area the main economic branches. Đông Triều’s food output makes up ¼ the total food output of Quảng Ninh province. Đông Triều has been famous for coal exploitation industry and pottery for ages as well./.

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